NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, March 2, 2004

More and more Posted by Mikko @ 22:23 GMT

This is getting ridiculous - we've just found Bagle.J (10th variant) - and Mydoom.G! Previous Mydoom variant was found almost two weeks ago, on February 20th.

Bagle.J spreads also in password protected ZIPs but uses a Wordpad icon instead of the folder icon.


Bagle.J includes this hidden message:

"Hey, NetSky, f*ck off you b*tch, don't ruine our bussiness, wanna start a war ?"

While Mydoom.G includes this:

"to netsky's creator(s): imho, skynet is a decentralized peer-to-peer neural network. we have seen P2P in Slapper in Sinit only. they may be called skynets, but not your shitty app."


So apparently the authors of Bagle and Mydoom wanted to send a message to the authors of Netsky.

Links to the descriptions: