NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, September 25, 2004

Group picture of us... Posted by Mikko @ 15:57 GMT

The antivirus research team had a nice photo opportunity last week when we had our US lab visiting us here in Finland.

So here's our current line-up:

The F-Secure Viruslab team

Top row, from left: Jarkko, Ero, Sami, Ceco, Jarno, Gergo, Jussi, Jusu and Alexey
Bottom row: Mikko, Lu the monkey and Katrin

This would also be a good opportunity to introduce the two latest additions to the team: Jarkko Turkulainen and Tzvetan "Ceco" Chaliavski. Both of them work on researching binary viruses.

Photo taken by Jussi Kallio.