NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Another virus writer caught & sentenced Posted by Mikko @ 21:16 GMT

29a website
It's been the best year ever in catching virus writers.

Another virus writer has been convicted, this time in a little-known Russian republic of Udmurtia. Mr. Eugene Suchkov was sentenced for a fine of 3000 roubles for virus writing.

This wouldn't be too interesting, unless Mr. Suchkov wouldn't also be known as a member of 29A, one of the best-known active virus-writing groups. Turns out Mr. Suchkov is also known as "Whale" and author of several viruses he has released as a 29A member, including viruses targeting .NET systems.

As discussed earlier in our weblog, other 29A members have recently been in the headlines too.