NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, December 16, 2004

Nine year sentence for wardriving in USA Posted by Mikko @ 07:26 GMT

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A 21-year old hacker has been sentenced to jail in Michigan for hacking via wardriving.

Wardriving is a technique in which you drive around with a car which has an antenna to search for vulnerable WLAN access points. Some spammers have been using this to get anonymous net access.

In this case, Brian Salcedo was sitting in a car on the parking lot of the local Lowe's (a home improvement store), trying to steal credit card numbers from the store's systems through their open WLAN network.

Mr. Salcedo was sentenced yesterday to nine years in jail. Which sounds like a pretty long sentence.

Salcedo, together with his partners Paul Timmins (aka noweb4u) and Adam Botbyl (aka itszer0) pleaded guilty in August according to a release from FBI.