NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Skulls.C and Cabir.F found Posted by Jarno @ 17:38 GMT

Today we got a sample that contains Skulls.C trojan, that is quite similar to other variants of Skulls family. The Skulls.C disables built in phone applications, most well known third party file managerss and installs Cabir.F on the phone.

Skulls.C also tries to disable F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus - but fails.

As with other Skulls trojans the Cabir.F is dropped into incorrect directory so it won't start automatically. F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus already has generic detection that can detect both Skulls.C and Cabir.F as Cabir.gen and them from being installed on the phone. So the case is rather low risk.