NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, December 25, 2004

25th of December Posted by Mikko @ 08:22 GMT

Today is the 25th of December. The Bacros virus activates today, deleting all files on all local hard drives.

Activation routine like that is pretty rare. We nowadays don't see destructive viruses too often...most of the new viruses just try to silently take over your machine instead of deleting files.

Bacros is in the wild. Over the last months we've received reports from several countries. But so far we haven't received any reports of overwritten hard drives. Then again, if you're hard drive is overwritten, you can't easily email us, can you?

Historically, Christmas time has been fairly calm virus-wise. The only exception that comes to mind would be the Remote Explorer incident from Christmas 1998. This was the first virus ever to run as a service under Windows NT, and caused a bit of a stir back then.