NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, January 3, 2005

New Skulls variant detected Posted by Jarno @ 13:12 GMT

Skulls animation

We have received a new sample of the Skulls trojan, which affects Symbian Series 60 phones. Skulls.D is quite similar to other Skulls variants.

Original Skulls replaced icons with an image of a skull. Skulls.D goes one step further and shows a full-screen sized flashing skull. This is shown when the phone is rebooted.

Like earlier Skulls variants F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus was already capable of detecting the Skulls.D with generic detection even before we got the first sample of this from a customer. Skulls is a trojan, so it doesn't spread further from affected phones.

The picture that the trojan shows contains this text: "WARNING!!! Device Have been Attact By Virus".