NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Original Cabir source code released too Posted by Mikko @ 13:36 GMT

Cabir source
We've just learned that the 29A virus group has released the original source code of the Cabir.A phone worm.

There's a lot of source code for mobile malware floating around in the underground right now. This might mean even more new variants will pop up in the near future.

Some comments in the Cabir.A source code include:

  Caribe was writted in c++.
  Symbian/nokia is giving us a complete sdk for
  developing applications for symbian operating system.

  Bluetooh is free, and the receiver will be a apropiated target.
  The problem is bluetooth needs to have near the target (10 meters radio).
  Progagation scenaries will be trains,restaurants, etc...