NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, January 10, 2005

New Symbian malware that is both virus and worm Posted by Jarno @ 13:50 GMT

Today we have received a new Symbian malware that combines two spreading tactics, which is common in PC malware but previously unheard of in mobile systems.

Lasco.A spreads itself by searching all SIS installation files in the infected device, and inserts itself as embedded SIS file into them. Thus any SIS file in the device that gets copied to another phone, as frequently happens as people swap software, will also contain a copy of Lasco.A.

In addition to spreading in infected SIS files, Lasco.A will also spread by sending itself directly via bluetooth like Cabir worms do, and Lasco.A will be able to spread from one device to another without a reboot

Lasco.A is detected by F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus with database build 23. We have no reports of this virus being in the wild. Yet.