NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, January 17, 2005

Outrageous Red Cross scam site taken down Posted by Mikko @ 04:00 GMT

A really outrageous scam website operated over the weekend. This one was running at american-redcross.org and was trying to cash in on the tsunami disaster by appearing to be a Red Cross donation site. The site asked for credit card donations (it also asked for your credit card PIN code which should be a sure-fire sign to everybody of a scam).

The site is down now. Hopefully the damage was minimal, as the whole domain was registered just two days ago, late in the evening of Saturday the 15th.

Here's a screenshot of the fake site:


Here's the real Red Cross.

In related news, late last week FBI arrested Matthew Schmieder for sending out hundreds of thousands of emails claiming to be raising money for tsunami aid.