NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, January 21, 2005

Spammers sue a person who complained about them Posted by Alexey @ 11:22 GMT

We've got information about quite an interesting case: apparently spammers are suing a person who complained about their actions. That person, whose name is Jay Stuler writes on his webpage:

  Since at least April 2003 I have been receiving unsolicited bulk email (spam) from this group.
  As all spam experts will recommend, I complained to the ISP(s) supporting these spammers.
  As spamming is against the Terms of Service of almost every ISP, the spammers found themselves losing their accounts.
  They apparently are angry that spamming has become difficult for them and blame me.
  I believe this is a frivilous lawsuit designed to harass and intimidate.
  If I can be sued simply for complaining about spammers, then anyone can be.

Jay is now collecting money to defend himself against spammers. The court's decision for this lawsuit is important, because if spammers win the lawsuit, the whole fight against them might become a dangerous business.