NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Disinfection tool for Skulls trojan variants published. Posted by Jarno @ 13:24 GMT

Today we published a new disinfection tool for Symbian series 60 phones that is capable of disinfecting SymbOS/Skulls trojan variants from a phone, even if user has rebooted the phone.

Previously disinfecting Skulls infected phone was difficult if not impossible, especially with later variants that killed popular file managers. Basically the only way to disinfect the phone was to use Epocware PC file manager that, which unfortunately did not work with most phones. Or reformat the phone, which of course destroyed all data in the phone.

F-Skulls tool is able to disinfect phone even if the Skulls has locked the phone completely. The disinfection is done by installing the F-Skulls into a memory card with a clean phone. And then inserting the card with F-Skulls into infected phone and booting, during boot up the F-Skulls frees the critical system files so that use can access menu again and install an Anti-Virus for full disinfection.

So the disinfection still requires help of a clean phone, but is much preferable compared to having to reformat the phone.