NEWS FROM THE LAB - Sunday, January 30, 2005

Happy birthday, weblog! Posted by Mikko @ 08:12 GMT

We started this weblog on 30th of January 2004 - one year ago to the day.

We originally started this just to monitor Mydoom.A and the attack against SCO. We immediatly started getting good feedback, so we've kept the blog going and we're very happy with the results. And we always appreciate feedback via weblog at this domain.

1st post

Of course, when we started, this was the only weblog maintained by a viruslab. We were waiting how long it would take for McAfee or Symantec to follow suit...but they still haven't. The boys at Kaspersky Lab started their own blog in last October.

Nowadays our RSS feed gets over half a million hits a month. Which really doesn't tell us at all how many people really read us.

So, if you're reading this, please click here to help us figure out how many real readers we have. And thanks for reading.

With very best regards,
Viruslab staff