NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, February 3, 2005

Locknut.A and Cabir.B Posted by Jarno @ 08:05 GMT


There has been some questions whether the Cabir.B that is included in some Locknut.A samples would be able to spread and carry the Locknut.A into other phones. Thus allowing Locknut.A to piggyback with Cabir.B.

The answer is no.

The Cabir.B included in the Locknut.A samples is harmless as the Locknut kills all applications on the infected phone, including Cabir.B that is installed from the same SIS file.

Even if Locknut.B is disinfected the Cabir.B still wont start, as it is installed into wrong directory in the infected phone.

If user starts Cabir.B manually, after disinfecting locknut, the Cabir.B will spread as pure Cabir.B and will not transfer Locknut.A into other devices.

So the Cabir.B that is installed with Locknut.A is harmless and unless user intentionally runs it after disinfecting Locknut, will not be able to spread.