NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, February 11, 2005

VB99% Posted by Mikko @ 18:25 GMT

F-Secure Anti-Virus 5.43 has been awarded the VB 100% award in the February 2005 edition of the Virus Bulletin magazine.

There were technical problems during the testing, so the print edition of the Virus Bulletin magazine actually lists us as failing the test...which it didn't. One antivirus vendor from UK (which we shall not name here but it's Sophos) even put out a press release in the meanwhile stressing how we failed in the test. But we didn't, ha-ha!

Virus Bulletin tested 28 different anti-virus products for their detection rates against in-the-wild viruses. We have long and proven track record of receiving VB 100% awards on different platforms. So there.