NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, February 14, 2005

Cabir found in-the-wild in USA Posted by Mikko @ 15:19 GMT

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. We've just heard about the first in-the-wild sighting of Cabir in USA. This was in California.

This is not going to be the end of the world; the common Cabir variants have been proved to be very slow in spreading in-the-wild. Also, Symbian-based phones probably aren't as common in USA as elsewhere yet (then again, Symbian has over 80% global market share in the operating systems of new phone shipments).

According to our notes, the list of countries Cabir has been spotted in so far looks like this:

 1. Philippines
 2. Singapore
 3. UAE
 4. China
 5. India
 6. Finland
 7. Vietnam
 8. Turkey
 9. Russia
10. UK
11. Italy
12. USA

Cool worldmap

There are more. Let us know of if you've seen Cabir in your country.

PS. We've been getting several reports of Cabir from downtown Moscow. Apparently it's fairly common to get a Cabir file offer if you walk around with your bluetooth enabled. We haven't been able to confirm which variant of Cabir this is.

PS2. The 3GSM World Congress 2005 started today in Cannes. This is the biggest conference on mobile issues, and mobile phone security is expected to be one of the hottest topics this year.
3GSM, visit F-Secure on Stand G44h, Hall 2