NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, February 21, 2005

More cabir sightings Posted by Jarno @ 13:19 GMT


It seems that even slow worm as Cabir will spread given time, and lack of protection in target systems.

Today we got a E-Mail from reader in South Africa, who said that he has received Cabir file on his phone.

Which brings to another interesting point. Lately there have been couple rather well written articles. Which make the point how user has to answer
yes several times to get infected by Cabir after it has arrived on the phone, and thus it is impossible to get infected by accident, and Cabir and other mobile viruses being just hype.

And while I do agree with every technical point that this and other articles make, I do have to say that their authors assume quite a lot of knowledge and care from average phone user. People have been told not to click unknown attachments in E-Mail for past 5 years, and still E-Mail worms are one of the most common malware type on PC systems. So it would be unrealistic to assume that average phone users would be any more cautious.

As they say, curiosity killed the cat.

So now we have 14 countries with Cabir sightings:

 1. Philippines
 2. Singapore
 3. UAE
 4. China
 5. India
 6. Finland
 7. Vietnam
 8. Turkey
 9. Russia
10. UK
11. Italy
12. USA
13. South Africa
14. Australia