NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, March 3, 2005

Cabir now in Hongkong and Japan Posted by Jarno @ 12:30 GMT

Bluetooth warning display

It seems that as long as people are not using Anti-Virus and are curious, the Cabir phone worm just keeps spreading.

Now we have received confirmed report from our Japan office of Cabir in Hongkong and Japan; a Japanese visitor in Hong Kong picked up the infection to his phone in late February and returned to Tokyo with the infected handset. He noticed that something is wrong because his battery life had reduced to 30 minutes per recharge. However, it is likely that the infection has spread to at least some handsets before this.

If your phone receives any SIS file from someone that you were not expecting, please do not install it. Instead, send the file to vsamples@f-secure.com. We are rather interested about just what variants are on the move.

And for those who are curious, please use F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus which detects Cabir and all other known Symbian Viruses, worms and trojans.

So now we have 16 countries with Cabir sightings:

 1. Philippines
 2. Singapore
 3. UAE
 4. China
 5. India
 6. Finland
 7. Vietnam
 8. Turkey
 9. Russia
10. UK
11. Italy
12. USA
13. South Africa
14. Australia
15. Hongkong
16. Japan

Update on 7th of March: We removed the phone type from this entry as we can't confirm the exact model that was affected in this case --Mikko