NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, March 4, 2005

New Symbian trojan and Cabir sighted in France Posted by Jarno @ 12:33 GMT

We have received a sample of new Symbian trojan, that is different enough to get a new name.
Dampig.A is a SIS file trojan that disables some built in applications and third party file managers, and installs several Cabir variants to phone, which will not start automatically however.

About the only interesting thing about this new trojan is, that is corrupts the system uninstallation information, and cannot be removed without disinfecting the phone with Anti-Virus.

On the other news, we received a report of Cabir infection in France. A journalist informed that his boss got Cabir infection in 3GSM conference in France.

So now we have 17 countries with Cabir sightings:

 1. Philippines
 2. Singapore
 3. UAE
 4. China
 5. India
 6. Finland
 7. Vietnam
 8. Turkey
 9. Russia
10. UK
11. Italy
12. USA
13. South Africa
14. Australia
15. Hongkong
16. Japan
17. France