NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, March 7, 2005

Instant Messaging worms getting popular Posted by Alexey @ 16:51 GMT

Recently we have noticed an increase in IM (Instant Messaging) worm numbers. We are regularly adding detection for new Bropia worm variants. The last one, Bropia.K, appeared yesterday, on Sunday. Today there appeared 2 more MSN worms: a variant of Kelvir and a new worm called Sumom.

The interesting fact is, that the Sumom worm contains message addressed to the author of the Assiral worm. The message is quite rude and blasts the Assiral's author for trying to eliminate Bropia worm infection by creating a new worm.

I really hope we are not going to see another War of the Worms like the Bagle-Netsky-Mydoom war last year...