NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, March 11, 2005

Status report from CeBIT Posted by Mikko @ 20:47 GMT

So far, CeBIT has been going really well. There's been tons of interest on our BlackLight premiere.

We had one system administrator contact us about BlackLight yesterday. He had tried out the beta version, only to find out it was massively false alarming on several files in the SYSTEM folder of one of his servers. So we asked for samples to fix the problem. When he sent them to us, it turned out it wasn't a false alarm at all - he actually had a new, unknown rootkit on the system!

Here's a collection of random photos snapped during CeBIT.

The CeBIT fairgrounds. Yes, that house is weird.

Coolest booth this year. Operator O2 had amazing moving roof.

It was cold.

Need a hard drive? Get one cheap.

M´┐Żnchener Halle. Also known as hell on earth.


A self-made hands-free kit for Siemens. And that's Eugene Kaspersky driving a Segway.

Crowds rioting and doing the wave on our booth.

There was some kind of world games championship in one of the halls.

Some real-life versions of cars from Need for Speed Underground 2

G-Data was distributing a freeware uninstallation tool.