NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Return of the Bluesniper Posted by Mikko @ 07:43 GMT

The folks at Flexilis have come up with a new and improved version of the Bluesniper Bluetooth Rifle.

Tom's Hardware has an interesting article on how Flexilis guys built and tested a version of the rifle that succesfully made bluetooth connections to phones over 1.6km away.

John Hering in action in Los Angeles
John Hering in action in Los Angeles

On a related note, we made some interesting observations ourselves during the CeBIT fair. While enjoying a well-deserved beer at M´┐Żnchner Halle, we did some scanning for discoverable bluetooth devices. Without ever leaving our table, we were able to see 94 phones that had bluetooth enabled and were in discoverable mode. This is pretty unbelievable!

Scanning for open phones, 81 found so far