NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Virus hunters unlikely heroes Posted by Mikko @ 09:58 GMT

Ero & Ceco
The San Jose Mercury News made a very nice feature story on Ceco and Ero from our US viruslab.

Ero Carrera, a Spaniard, works with Tzvetan "Ceco'' Chaliavski, a Bulgarian, for F-Secure in San Jose. They trade shifts with the company's main lab in Helsinki, Finland, to make a SWAT-like team that stretches across the globe 24/7 to keep the world's network of computers and cell phones safe from attack....

Carrera and Chaliavski love the thrill of the chase, yet leave their desks for little more than coffee or bathroom breaks. They stare all day at computer screens filled with a sea of jumbled numbers and symbols -- the electronic guts of computer worms and viruses...

and here's our favourite quote:

With blond highlights streaking through his dark hair, Carrera looks more hipster than nerd. But he's just as excited describing decryption as he is about his first surfing trip to the Pacific...