NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, April 4, 2005

About Multimedia Messages Posted by Mikko @ 11:38 GMT

Now that there are three mobile viruses which try to spread over MMS messages, we've been getting questions on how global MMS functionality really is. Well, it seems to be pretty global and pretty compatible. I'm right now travelling in USA and have been succesfully sending MMS messages from my European phone to local phones and to back home. Last month we succesfully received MMS messages from Australia.

And that's the scary part of MMS viruses. Think about it: how many numbers do you have stored in your mobile phone? Dozens? Hundreds? In how many countries are they? If you would get infected and would send a malicious MMS to all those numbers, how many of the recipients would trust the message coming from you and open it? To how many countries would you spread the virus?

The latest MMS virus Mabir is written by the same virus writer who wrote the Cabir bluetooth worm. In a magazine interview he gave two weeks ago, he was quoted that he hopes to write another cellphone virus, as soon as he finds the time. Seems that he did.

Mabir has not been found in the wild. Lets hope it never makes it there.
Mabir strings