NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, April 15, 2005

Greetings from Cairo Posted by Mikko @ 11:43 GMT


Interpol's 6th International Conference on Cyber Crime is currently underway in Cairo, Egypt.

The conference has 150 police officers from over 100 different countries discussing hacking, botnets, phishing, DDoS and other cool stuff...and how to catch the bad boys doing all this.

This morning me and Detective Inspector Paul Gillen from Ireland gave a presentation about modern telecom networks and about fraud and virus risks on cellular phone systems. Which was great.

From an outsiders point of view, Interpol operations seemed to be hindered with massive bureaucracy and constant need for interpreters. But internet is international, so we need the Interpol to police it.

Having an Interpol conference in Egypt also means security is tight...this is the first time I've ever been picked up from the airport by armed police officers and transported to the hotel in a police car!

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