NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, April 16, 2005

One more thing about Egypt Posted by Mikko @ 07:53 GMT

Right after my presentation on mobile viruses in Cairo, one of the local police officers approached me. He wanted to ask about suspicious activity on his Nokia 6600.
Interpol 6th International Conference on Cyber Crime
I had a look and - get this - his personal phone was infected with Cabir.B! So basically he was walking around the secure conference area with a live virus on his phone - and dozens of people from all over the world were constantly walking around him. Luckily Cabir is capable of spreading to only one phone per reboot.

We surfed to http://mobile.f-secure.com straight from his phone and cleaned the virus off with the free F-Cabir tool. This takes only a minute or so.

So the list of known infections by Cabir currently looks like this:

  1 Philippines
  2 Singapore
  3 UAE
  4 China
  5 India
  6 Finland
  7 Vietnam
  8 Turkey
  9 Russia
 10 UK
 11 Italy
 12 USA
 13 Japan
 14 Hong Kong
 15 France
 16 South Africa
 17 The Netherlands
 18 Egypt