NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, April 21, 2005

About the new Symbian trojans discussed in web forums Posted by Jarno @ 12:09 GMT

For past two days there has been interesting discussions in web forums, about 52 new Symbian trojans being discovered. And now the count has changed to 71.

Currently we cannot yet confirm or deny the case, as we or any other major AV company have not received a any samples about the case. We are monitoring the case closely and so far have not found any samples in the wild.

So even as there are claims about huge number of mobile malware, they are not threat to normal users, as they are not in the wild. And even if they would be, the only way to be infected is to download software from illegal sites. Which one cannot do by accident.

And the huge number of new cases is rather clear indication, that someone is manufacturing them for fun, and has most likely created a program to generate the variants (or is really in need of something better to do with his time). So the actual number of variants may be surprisingly low, as AV companies group near identical samples under same variant letter.

We post more information about the case as we find out more about it.