NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, April 28, 2005

BLUE7OO7H Posted by Mikko @ 13:54 GMT

Mr. Thierry Zoller from Luxembourg got in touch with us.

He writes:

  Dear F-Secure Viruslab,

  Thanks to your site I disinfected a phone in Luxemburg today (yes that's a country;)
  the person who owned the Mobile said infection occured in France. You
  can add it to your list of countries!
  He tried to disable Bluetooth but failed, he ran out of battery every
  few hours and had to constantly keep recharging his mobile, the local
  mobile phone company said to throw away the mobile and to buy a new
  phone. What a business approach!
  Thank you for the free disinfection tool, without it I
  would have had a lot of trouble to remove it.
  Thierry Zoller / TELINDUS PSF

Thank you Thierry for reporting the case.

In fact, that rounds up our list of countries with known cases of Cabir to 20:

Cabir countries animation

And while talking about Bluetooth worms, we have some interesting research going on. Jarno and Jusu spent yesterday in an underground bunker testing car Bluetooth systems against known Bluetooth worms and other Bluetooth attacks. However we're not allowed to publicly discuss the results yet so stay tuned.

Toyota Prius