NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, April 29, 2005

XP SP3? Posted by Mikko @ 13:36 GMT

Greetings from the launch happening of the National Data Security Day in Sweden.

Sweden is joining Ireland, Denmark, Finland and some other European countries in hosting a national day focusing on educating users about computer security. Title of the day in Sweden is "Surfa Lugnt".

The launch party was held today close the Kings Castle in downtown Stockholm. The launch was keynoted speaker was Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft), Ulrica Messing (Swedish Minister for Communications), Per Hellqvist (Symantec) and me.

Steve Ballmer on stage

Mr. Ballmer made some interesting remarks: Microsoft might indeed ship SP3 for Windows XP before longhorn comes out. Also, upcoming version 7 of Internet Explorer should have anti-phishing technology built-in.

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Mikko & Steve
Mikko & Steve