NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, May 19, 2005

Commwarrior spotted in Philippines Posted by Jarno @ 09:31 GMT

Screenshot of a MMS messagent sent by Commwarrior

It seems that Commwarrior is getting more widespread.

Yesterdays edition of the Philstar has article written by journalist who had got his phone infected with Commwarrior.

And Smart,Philippines' leading wireless service provider, has issued an advisory about the Commwarrior worm. Although one would advice to be cautious about their instructions as, the first thing they advice to do is to reformat your phone is you are infected, which would cause your phone to lose all data.

The preferred way to disinfect your phone is to install Anti-Virus either by downloading and installing from PC or by surfing with a phone to mobile.f-secure.com. The F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus is free for trial use, so disinfecting your phone costs nothing.

So far Commwarrior has been sighted in following countries:

On the other news, we also received reports of Cabir in Germany, that makes it 24th country with reports on Cabir.