NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, May 19, 2005

Update on Comwarrior sighting in Finland Posted by Jarno @ 17:26 GMT

Now we have personally verified the Commwarrior case in Finland.

We invited the user who reported the case to visit us in the F-Secure AV lab with the infected phone. Then in the radio shielded lab, we investigated the phone and found that it was infected with Commwarrior.B variant, a very close variant to the Commwarrior.A.

After verifying the case we installed F-Secure Anti-Virus on the phone and disinfected the phone. And now the phone is usable again.

F-Secure is also co-operating with the local mobile carriers, who are configuring their MMS gateways so that the Commwarrior MMS messages cannot move in their MMS networks anymore. Preventing Commwarrior from using MMS should limit the spreading and outbreak of Commwarrior. However Commwarrior also uses bluetooth, so preventing MMS spreading does not kill the worm, but slows it down considerably.