NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More commwarrior sightings. Posted by Jarno @ 14:59 GMT

Yesterday we received information on Commwarrior.B sightings on two new countries: Greece and South Africa.

So it seems that the rate in which Commwarrior is spotted is quite a lot faster than with Cabir. But then again, high discovery rate might be result of increased public awareness.

Also as Commwarrior is in the wild here in Finland, we have had an opportunity to follow how the worm spreads and interviewed people who have been infected with it. And it seems that we have found at least partial answer to the question why people install Symbian worms on their phones.

The most common reason why people have installed Commwarrior from MMS message is the trust that they have on the sender. People are wary of messages that they receive from unknown sources, but quite willing to install whatever has been sent from a friends mobile. This is a phenomenon that we have also seen with E-Mail worms, people just are unwilling to mistrust something coming from a friend.

Current count of countries with Commwarrior sightings:
8.South Africa