NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, June 27, 2005

Commwarrior sightings and disinfection tool for Commwarrior Posted by Jarno @ 13:00 GMT

Over the weekend we have received Commwarrior reports both from USA and Canada. So it seems that Commwarrior has invaded also the new world.

We have received reports of people having problems when trying to disinfect Commwarrior infected phone. Some people have their phones so full of installed applications that they cannot fit Anti-Virus on the phone.

And some people have turned off their phones and do not want to turn on the phone so that their phones would be sending Commwarrior over bluetooth and MMS while downloading and activating the Anti-Virus.

To solve these problems we have created a free disinfection tool that can kill the Commwarrior worm from the phone. The tool is very small, so it is quick to download and should be able to fit any phone.

The F-Commwarrior tool is available from our main web site, from mobile.f-secure.com and phoneav.com.

However be advised that the F-Commwarrior tool is intended only for quick disinfection of Commwarrior, it is not able to detect Commwarrior SIS files in messaging inbox or other locations. For full disinfection of device we recommend F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus