NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Commwarrior spotted in UK Posted by Jarno @ 09:57 GMT

It seems that Commwarrior just keeps spreading. Today we received report about Commwarrior infection in UK, which makes it 15th country with Commwarrior reports.

On June 27th editor of mobile phone security forum www.mobilephonevirus.com received contact from a person who had their phone infected.

Commwarrior was first detected in 9th of March 2005, so it has been in the wild for almost four months now. For PC environment this would be unusually long time for a worm to spread, as most PCs are protected by Anti-Virus the outbreaks are quite short lived.

In phone environment things are different, as most people don't have Anti-Virus in their phones. It does not matter how long a piece of malware is known as the factors that limit the outbreak in PC environment are missing.
Current count of countries with Commwarrior sightings:
1. Ireland
2. India
3. Oman
4. Italy
5. Philippines
6. Finland
7. Greece
8. South Africa
9. Malaysia