NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, July 2, 2005

It really is out there Posted by Mikko @ 10:04 GMT

I was driving in downtown Helsinki yesterday. I stopped at a red light, surrounded by other cars. Suddenly my 9500 Communicator lit up and asked "Accept Bluetooth connection from SPA1?". Apparently this was a Bluetooth phone in one of the cars around me.

So I accepted it...and received a copy of the Commwarrior.B virus. As you would expect, the virus was detected by F-Secure Anti-Virus. But it is really sobering to see this happen to yourself, in a real live situation.

Commwarrior.B on my phone

So mobile phone viruses are not just a theory. They are out there. We had one of our developers report last week that he had Commwarrior beamed to his phone twice during one day, with one of them happening at the local McDonald's...