NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Viruses on the stadium Posted by Mikko @ 21:40 GMT

The 10th World Championships in Athletics (ie. track & field) are in full swing in Helsinki. This is one the biggest sporting events this year worldwide, and there are spectators from more than 200 countries visiting Finland this week.

Helsinki Olympic stadium. Picture (c) IAAF - www.iaaf.org/WCH05/multimedia - all rights reserved

The games started on Saturday, and since then we've received several independent reports of Cabir spreading to mobile phones in the stadium area.

This happens easily when you gather tens of thousands of people from all over to world to a very small area. In fact, to some extent the same thing was happening during the Live 8 concerts earlier this summer.

We now have staff at the stadium assisting visitors in cleaning out affected phones.