NEWS FROM THE LAB - Sunday, August 21, 2005

Trifinite visit Posted by Mikko @ 20:10 GMT

We had three core members of the Trifinite group visiting us this week. Trifinite is known for their Bluetooth hacking expertise and development of tools such as Bloover, Blueprint and Car Whisperer.

Trifinite gang

During two days we looked at lots of interesting subjects: we tested several different Bluetooth viruses in our RF Lab, looked for security holes in the built-in Bluetooth phone of the new Audi A8 (found none), tried crashing various different phones with Bluetooth ping-of-death attacks (and managed to crash some of our most common phone models), soldered together couple of modified Bluetooth dongles and did some long-range Bluetooth scanning from the sauna balcony on the 8th floor our office to a nearby pier…


All in all, very interesting stuff. Thanks for the visit, Adam, Martin and Marcel!

Audi A8 W12