NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, August 27, 2005

Commwarrior incident Posted by Mikko @ 13:01 GMT

We've now seen the first medium-scale internal infection of a company that was caused by a mobile virus.

On Wednesday this week, we were working on a case where a single company had a serious run-in with the Commwarrior.B virus. Several dozens of employees of the company received Bluetooth or MMS transmission of the virus during the day-long outbreak and over twenty of them actually opened the message on their phones and got infected with it.

Obviously such an incident would affect the operation of any company. This highlights the importance of writing clear guidelines on Bluetooth and MMS operation for corporate use.

On a related note, I was travelling in UK on Thursday...and received the Cabir.B mobile virus to my own phone in the lobby of the Hilton Bracknell hotel! This is now the second time I've received a mobile virus in a real live situation.

So while we tell everyone else to keep Bluetooth off or hidden, we're actually keeping our own phones open and discoverable (and protected by our own antivirus). This way we get some kind of feel on just much of these things are really happening out there.