NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We're entering hardware business! Posted by Mikko @ 09:13 GMT

This is what Microsoft must have felt when they started selling Microsoft mice...

We've been a software company for 17 years. But today we started selling our first harware product, ever. Which is cool.

The box is called F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway. It's a 1U-sized rack-mountable appliance that sits next to your email server and filters spam and viruses from the message traffic, automatically.

We're really excited about this new technology. Read all about it from our product pages.

Jarkko & Ero & F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway

Edited to add: Ok, turns out Microsoft's first hardware product was not the Microsoft Mouse but the Microsoft SoftCard released in 1980. It pre-dates the mouse by three years... (thanks, Matt!)