NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, September 16, 2005

Typosquatting Posted by Mikko @ 07:01 GMT

nortpnantivirusRemember the Googkle.com case?

We just noticed that some clown from Panama has been registering typosquatting domains like
"www-f-secure.com" and "wwwf-secure.com". Which at the moment point to a web site called "nortpnantivirus.com". Oh well.

At least this site isn't used for phishing or for downloading trojans.

Edited to add: These guys are fairly serious, looking at the amount of security-related domains they've registered (over 150!). These include:

(Thanks, Micha!)

PS. Here's two photo collections posted by visitors to our lab. Especially the picture set from Trifinite really shows Helsinki at it's best...

Album from Silicon.com
Album from Trifinite