NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This...is CNN Posted by Mikko @ 11:09 GMT


I gave a live interview with CNN International this morning at CNN Center in Hong Kong.

The whole event was quite surprising. I've previously visited CNN London, and everything there
was very tightly organized and controlled. In Hong Kong things were quite different...


We arrived to the CNN Center early in the morning, well before the scheduled broadcast of 07.30.

After taking the elevator to the right floor, a lone clerk greeted us from his desk. Reading from a
paper, he asked if we were the party of "Miko Hypponen". After telling him that yes we were,
he directed us to go up a floor to the broadcasting studio.

We walked in to an open-air office only to realise we were already live on-the-air: the cameras
were shooting the CNN anchors in the other end of the room and we were now part of their backdrop!


We walked all the way up to them...close enough to read their teleprompters. Scary. Otherwise the office seemed pretty deserted.


A helpful lady showed us to a side room to wait until our scheduled time would come up.

So there we were, watching CNN Today at the same time live from the TV...and live for real.

CNN anchor Kristie Lu Stout (of the Spark fame) and Jari

Finally a guy showed up to mike me, and he promised to let me know when it would be the right time to get to the show.

After a few minutes the time came and I gave a generic interview on how virus writers have changed and how we're seeing the
virus situation in Asia. Nothing really groundbreaking there.

But here's a nice shot of me with Hugh Riminton and Kristie Lu Stout.


Signing off from Hong Kong,
Mikko and Jari