NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Spyware vendor Mindset Interactive shuts down their business Posted by Stefan @ 11:19 GMT

Favoriteman and NetPal nuisances have after several years stopped. The company behind it has closed and we can report they have moved out of their company offices. All related web servers are unreachable and the already distributed Spyware no longer functions.


Like many Spyware vendors, Mindset Interactive has used multiple names to distribute their Spyware. That is why termination of the company behind it is such a positive turn.

Mindset Interactive was behind Favioriteman also known as F1Organizer, ATPartners, SpyAssult and Window Help 4 Smart Browsing. They also constructed NetPal, which had a massive numbers of games as distribution channels.

F-Secure will keep Favoriteman and NetPal in detection to clean out the final filth.