NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, October 21, 2005

Back to the Virus Bulletin Posted by Mikko @ 16:49 GMT

As promised, here are the presentations we made during the Virus Bulletin conference in Dublin earlier this month.


Here's Kimmo Kasslin (with his stage assistant Jarkko Turkulainen), giving a presentation on rootkit techniques to an audience of around 300 people.

Kimmo & Jarkko

And here's Jarno Niemel� (with his demo assistant Mikko Hypp�nen), showing mobile trojans live on stage.

Jarno & Mikko

Download links:

Hide'n Seek revisited - Full stealth is back
Paper by Kimmo Kasslin, Mika St�hlberg, Samuli Larvala and Antti Tikkanen
Kimmo's paper

Kimmo's slides and Jarno's slides

Kimmo's slides Jarno's slides

(Jarno's paper won't be made publicly available at this time)