NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Global phishing Posted by Mikko @ 15:42 GMT

So, phishing is going global.

We just got a report of the first phishing attack in Greek language. This attack targeted the customers of the Alpha bank online system. According to our local experts at Inter Engineering, the phishing message was sent very widely and was received by virtually every email account in Greece.

It's all greek to me

Official statement on the incident from the Alpha bank is available here. Also, our spam update 2005-10-25_03 blocks these messages.

After this incident, we're aware of phishing cases done in 16 different languages, including:

- English
- Chinese
- German
- French
- Italian
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Dutch
- Greek
- Swedish
- Norwegian
- Danish
- Hungarian
- Estonian
- Romanian

We have no reports of phishing emails sent in languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Czech or Finnish.

If you can prove us wrong, please let us know by mailing us at the usual address: weblog at our domain

We also appreciate samples of phishing emails in unusual languages.