NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, November 3, 2005

Sony releases update for DRM software Posted by Antti @ 09:47 GMT

We wrote on Tuesday about the DRM software from Sony that used rootkit technologies. The company behind the technology, First 4 Internet, has now released an update for the software. After visiting the web site, downloading and installing the update, it now seems that the DRM software no longer attempts to hide anything on the computer. The rootkit driver (aries.sys) is removed from the system during the update.

BlackLight beta and updated XCP

The update from Sony is available here

We sincerely hope that the updated version will make it to the CD's in stores as soon as possible. Many people that buy copy-protected music will not be aware of the programs that get installed on their computers, let alone worry about updating them.

Automatic uninstallation of the software is still not possible without additional tools, and removing it manually is difficult. If you want to remove the software from your computer, we still recommend that you contact Sony BMG using their web form and ask for permission to uninstall it.