NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, November 18, 2005

Money laundering Posted by Mikko @ 10:56 GMT

Somebody has been sending fake "monster.com" job applications last night. These link to two sites: sign-monster.com and joblist-monster.com, which are fake monster.com look-a-likes, offering an open job position.


The job description talks about moving money from foreign accounts to your account and you transferring it to elsewhere for a 3% cut. So the bad boys are hiring money launderers, possibly to wash money gained via phishing or via credit card fraud.

To reduce the tranfer cost we are looking for Financial Managers all over the world. When we get an order from another country, the Financial Manager in this country gets the payment and sends it to us through Western Union. Commission rate of Financial Managers is 3%. This way we reduce expences for international bank transfer twice.

The domains sign-monster.com and joblist-monster.com were registered two days ago and are hosted at which is in South Korea. For the actual job application the site points to velocityglobals.com.

Site velocityglobals.com seems to be a slightly modified copy of the website of a real company callled velocityglobal.com. The copy site runs at which is in Russia.

velocityglobal, fake & real

Abuse messages on the domains have been sent and Monster.com and Velocity Global has been notified.