NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, December 9, 2005

Nordea.fi phish redux Posted by Era @ 16:32 GMT

nordea phishing site
Just a quick one for our dear domestic readers: The Nordea on-line bank phisher from October is back, with a slightly different message. But by and large, it's familiar enough that there isn't really anything new. It's still in English, the sites are still on faraway servers, predominanty in the Far East from what we've gleaned from the samples we have seen so far, and the risk that actual Nordea customers would fall for it would seem rather small, considering how much publicity the previous incident stirred up in the Finnish media, for one thing.

The generic phishing detection rules of our spam filter already classify these messages correctly, but we are putting out a database update with a specific rule for this case, just to be on the safe side.