NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Upcoming conferences in early 2006 Posted by Jarno @ 08:49 GMT

When looking at Anti-Virus research conference calendar, the time after new year seems to be quite active indeed.

Black Hat speaker buttonJarno is speaking at two Blackhat conferences in coming year. First at Black Hat Federal 2006 in Washington DC that is held on January 23-26, 2006, and then in Black Hat Europe 2006 that is held in Amsterdam on March 2-3, 2006.

In both Black Hats the topic is how to combat and handle Symbian malware. The goal of the presentation is to give necessary tools and information to how to clean infected devices and how to prevent the malware from spreading further.

In Blackhat Federal the presentation is from Federal and Law enforcement point of view and in Blackhat Europe the presentation is from system administrator point of view.

Mikko is speaking on similar topics in three conferences during first half of the year: in RSA Conference USA, in RSA Conference Japan and in AusCERT in Australia.


While being on the topic of handling Symbian malware, we have noticed that it is rather difficult to clean infected mobile device. So we have created a set of training slides that give instructions what to do when encountering a infected device.

And since the regular readers of this blog are people who are quite likely asked to help if employees or friends phone gets infected, we have decided to publish this information in hope that it helps in case where one gets infected phone in his hands and needs to figure out what to do.

Download the slides here: