NEWS FROM THE LAB - Sunday, December 18, 2005

Turn it up Posted by Mikko @ 16:47 GMT

Fairly quiet weekend, except some small-scale Dasher action. Latest version is now using a ftp server (feel free to filter that at your corporate gateway).

So why not liven up the weekend by copying some security-related Podcasts to your MP3 player?

bbcworldservice1Clark Boyd from BBC's The World did a good 30-minute show on the latest virus situation. He interviewed me, Graham Cluley, Bruce Schneier and Alan Pallers (SANS).

Do note the huge difference in sound quality between me and Graham. Graham was using an ISDN line to talk with Clark in Boston, while I was using just a normal GSM phone. Can't wait for voip-based phone interviews to become commonplace...the sound quality would be superior.

And while on the topic of security podcasts, check out Security Now by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson. Especially their episodes 9 listen and 12 listen were good ones to listen to.