NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, December 30, 2005

WMF, day 3 Posted by Stefan @ 12:29 GMT

Paint BrushThe amount of trojans using the zero-day WMF exploit is increasing rapidly.

Many people have now used the REGSRV32 workaround to stop the immediate threat. Some users have come back to us after we quoted Microsoft on the workaround wondering if the workaround really works. The workaround will stop the exploit for Internet Explorer and Explorer - even though WMF images still show as normal.

What the workaround does not stop against is if you open an exploited file in MSPAINT (aka Paintbrush). And like always, renaming the file to any other image extension will not make a difference to MSPAINT. So our suggestion is to not open any pictures right now with MSPAINT whatsoever. Perhaps leaving image editors out completely for the rest of the year might be a good idea.